If you have helped...

A Charity

The Environment 

A Cadet Group/ Club

An Individual  

You could win up to £1000

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The High Sheriff Youth Community Awards is hosted by the High Sheriff of South Glamorgan and supported by our Chief Officers.

The awards recognise young people who have made a difference in their community.

Categories to enter:

High Sheriff's Individual Award

Any young person who has, as an individual, done something exceptional, above and beyond what would typically be considered normal behaviour, to help others, charities and/or the community.

High Sheriff's Group Award

A group of young people who have done something exceptional, above and beyond what would normally be considered normal behaviour, to help others, charities and/ or the community.

High Sheriff's Youth Climate Award

Any Individual or group of young persons, who have done something exceptional for the environment and/or sustainability.

High Sheriff's Cadet Award

Any Individual young cadet from the Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, Prison Officers, Ambulance association, RNLI or St Johns Association who gave excelled in their training, their force or line of duty. 

High Sheriff's Carer Award

For any young person or group of young people who have cared for others.

High Sheriff's Life Achievement Award- Sponsored by The High Sheriff

To a person or group of any age, whom have gone the extra mile or three. 


With each of above categories there would be 2 classes of Award; platinum and gold. The prizes have a monetary value.


  • Winning cash prize- £1000, other prizes £250 and £100

Entry Guidelines:

  1. Entries close on the 2nd of February 2021
  2. Entries must be aged between 11 – 23 years old

  3. If you enter as a group you must be between 3-10, all within the age bracket of 11-23 years old. 

  4. Living or volunteering in the Cardiff or the Vale/ South Glamorgan 

  5. Each entry must have two people, 18 or over, to provide a reference. Each entry must have their references email us why they think you should win.

  6. Someone who has helped a charity, the environment, an individual, a family member, or a cadet group/club.

  7. We need your parents or guardians permission for publicity. Should your circumstances change regarding publicity, please let us know immediately. 

  8. Judging will take place in March 2021 and there will be an Awards Ceremony Dinner at a major Cardiff venue.

To apply please fill in the form below and have your references email us at

If you are applying as a group- please include the amount of people in your group and all group names in the introduction section. For the name, email, address birth date please just put one person in your groups details in. 

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