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The appointment of a High Sheriff coincides with the start of Spring, and my declaration was the following day of Spring being announced and the sun shone, if only briefly.  

In the coming twelve months of office I will have the opportunity to meet many people in Cardiff and the Vale that make up the county of South Glamorgan. I am very much looking forward to working with the different communities and charities and learning about their successes and the difficulties they have experienced.    

The remit of the office of High Sheriff is a non-political and independent appointment which provides support for the Royal Family, the Judiciary, the Police and the emergency services without resort to the public purse.

  The High Sheriff offers encouragement to those supporting the charity and voluntary sectors and actively encourages crime prevention. The key to the role is to uphold and enhance the ancient office while making a meaningful contribution to the county of South Glamorgan.

    I will be supporting the outstanding work of the National Crimebeat, the High Sheriff Association youth crime prevention charity, which has supported young people for over twenty-five years and the South Wales Police Youth Trust in its sterling work.   

   I am particularly looking forward to being a part of the Citizenship ceremonies currently held  each week at Mansion House, Cardiff, and giving them a warm Welsh welcome as I was given when I married a Cardiffian and made Cardiff my home over 30 years ago.


     If I can be of service to you as your High Sheriff please contact 


     I look forward to meeting many of my fellow South Glams in the next twelve months.



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